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Welcome reader, to my humble site. This will be an outlet for my thoughts on nursing, libertarianism, freedom, guns, the outdoors, and whatever else I may feel like posting. I am a registered nurse, and work the floor in a mid-sized hospital. The impetus for starting this blog was the discovery of this post on the American Nursing Association website.

These people claim to speak for nurses throughout America. The belief that nursing involves dictating the choices of others is so deeply counter to my ethics that I feel the need to speak up. I am not a member of the ANA, and will not lend my support to their desire to control others’ lives. Nursing is about supporting the patient. Providing medical interventions, comfort, compassion, and advice. The ANA seems to have forgotten this, and has instead chosen to pursue power and control over others. This is antithetical to what I consider the true spirit of nursing. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing feedback from others.


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