A positive ruling from the Supreme Court

Every now and then, the SCOTUS makes a ruling I actually agree with. They ruled that the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) can no longer force home health workers in Illinois to contribute to the union, even though they do not wish to be members. They claim they have negotiated on their behalf for higher wages and benefits. This is such an obvious scam that it’s amazing they got away with it at all. Claim you “represent” someone, with neither their knowledge nor consent, then bill them after the fact for the “service”. If they don’t like it, garnish their pay.

Unions started out as voluntary collections of workers supporting each other against abusive work environments. That’s great! Now, unions are trying just as hard to screw over workers as any corporation ever did. The SEIU can kiss my ass. I hope this ruling is extended to other industries, and the SEIU completely collapses once people are no longer forced to contribute to this blatantly unethical racket.



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