Drug Seeking

“Hey Dr Smith, my patient is complaining of 10/10 abdominal pain, writhing on the bed, and is asking for more pain meds. Can I give her another 4 mg of morphine?”

“No, I think she’s drug seeking.”

Well of course she’s drug seeking, you incompetent asshat of a doctor! She’s had seven abdominal surgeries in the past year! Her insides look like a Picasso painting! Maybe she’s seeking pain meds because she’s… having pain! (If only I could call a doc an incompetent asshat in real life).

Instead, I say “Ok,” wait an hour until the night shift on-call starts…

“Hey Dr Jones, can I give my patient another 4 mg of morphine? Sweet. Thanks.”

Then drop hints to the patient that they can always request a different doc if they’re unsatisfied with their care.


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One response to “Drug Seeking

  1. That’s pretty sad. I was always irritated by the reluctance of doctors to prescribe pain medication. Yes, there are full-on addicts out there that will lie through their partially-decomposed teeth just to get their fix. But, trying to prevent that by allowing others to remain in excruciating pain is simply inhumane.

    I also don’t believe drug-addicts are to blame for this problem; this one is owned by the doctors that refuse the treatments. Although, the DEA does cause doctors to second-guess themselves, so there’s that.

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