War in Gaza

I don’t get why so many people support Israel in the current conflict. The immediate trigger for the assault on Gaza was the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli settler teens. The Israelis describe the kidnappers as “members of Hamas,” but when Hamas is the government of Gaza, blaming the full organization for the actions of a couple members is like blaming the Democrats collectively for any crimes that happen in the USA. The responsible people are those who perpetrated the act and those who supported them in the act, not the larger political organization that was unaware of – and have condemned  – their actions.

The response was a massive crackdown throughout Gaza, the arrest of hundreds without warrant, charges, or trials. Israel has a long history of torturing and abusing Palestinians in their custody, so there is good reason to believe these people are being treated very poorly. Of course, the only abuse that got the American media excited was when the Israeli police accidentally pummeled an American citizen – because Americans are the only people who count.

The Palestinians attempted to strike back after this crackdown, firing rockets toward the Israelis. Their accuracy is abysmal, but you fight a war with the weapons you have, not the weapons you want. In return, Israel launched a massive bombing and shelling campaign, killing hundreds of civilians and a handful of Hamas militants. They have shelled hospitals, schools, and shelters. They have killed hundreds of kids. Destroyed homes, infrastructure, and resources. Now they say they will not stop until they have destroyed all the tunnels and weapons in Gaza. Since all you need to make a rocket is some construction explosives, some pipe, and a garage workshop, the level of oppression this would entail is abominable. All you need for a tunnel is a shovel.

But the right wing of this country, which strongly supports civilian gun ownership, laws against illegal immigration (what do you think the Israeli “settlers” are?), and supposedly supports individual rights, cheers with each bomb that kills a Palestinian. “Israel has a right to defend itself.” But Palestinians have no rights at all.


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5 responses to “War in Gaza

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I wrote an article recently regarding such things (although I’m currently working on one that is much longer and more thought out than the one I’m asking you to go read).

    This whole thing is horrible, and like you, I don’t understand how people are behind Israel with this.

    Great post!

  2. Need to check your facts. The Palestinians didn’t just start bombing over the teen incident, they have been sending in rockets for a very long time – many years. I, and many I know, are not claiming Israel is totally innocent of all charges, but sending missiles from behind babies, youth, women, and elderly to kill innocent people in Israel then telling your own innocents to “bare their chest to the bombs and don’t seek shelter as you die for Allah” is a very sick, barbaric, and perverted leadership, religion, and society. Anyone who would use babies and children and other innocent civilians to be shot and blown up as human shields does not deserve to live on this earth.

    • If Hamas’s war crimes justify Israel’s widespread bombing of Palestinian regions, wouldn’t Israel’s war crimes justify Hamas’s widespread use of rockets toward Israeli regions?

      I believe both sides are awful and barbaric, and this is yet another tribal/religious conflict. Neither side is in the right. Both sides should stop killing civilians. However, one side killing innocents doesn’t justify the other side doing it too. If it did, Hamas would have much more justification than Israel.

      • How do you stop killing civilians when one side hides behind them?

        How do you convince one side to stop killing civilians when that is the majority of what they do — Hamas’ rockets are not targeting military bases and the civilians are ‘collateral damage’..the people are the targets.

        Sorry but I see a false equivalency at work there. Don’t fall for it.

        And more basically; why are there still ‘Palestinian refugees’ after this long? If the countries surrounding Israel really cared for the Palestinian people; wouldn’t they have incorporated them into their populations long ago?

        Bob S.

  3. Hey Bob, Just did a new post on this but figured I’d reply directly too. If 90% of the Palestinian deaths were among Hamas, this would be a different issue. However, 80% of those killed by Israel have been civilians. That’s more than “collateral damage”. At the same time, if Hamas were killing hundreds of Israelis with rockets, it would also change the issue. Someone else attacking you does not automatically justify the most extreme level of response. Most of those the Israelis are killing are innocent of any offense – the majority of Palestinians are even minors! But due to Israeli brutality, many of them will grow up hating Israel even more strongly, and grow into the next generation of Hamas terrorists.

    As to why there are still Palestinian refugees – very few of them are “refugees” at this point. They’re living on land that is rightfully theirs, where their families have lived for centuries. I do think you’re right though, not much evidence the current leaders of the surrounding states care at all about the Palestinians.

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