Any time you pass a law, people will die over it

Taxes are generally viewed as one of the more benign laws to be passed. Yeah, they take your money. But it isn’t like anyone dies over it, right?

Except that a man was choked to death by police just a couple weeks ago. What was his crime? Selling untaxed cigarettes. Any time someone says “There should be a law,” think, is this an issue that is worth killing people over? That’s what happens when something is illegal. Some cops will use whatever force is necessary to enforce that law, and that means people will be murdered. Their job is not to protect you, it is to protect government authority. There are decent people amongst police officers, except even the best frequently cave to the corrosive environment that is modern law enforcement.



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3 responses to “Any time you pass a law, people will die over it

  1. I would quibble and state “…..COULD die over it.”

    But it is a valid point that few people think of when passing a law “Is this law worth the possibility someone could die because of it?” If they did, we wouldn’t have to kill a forest just to print federal laws and regulations.

    Bob S.

    • You’re right. I guess I’m using it more in the sense of “A gun is always loaded.” It may or may not actually be loaded, but you should treat it as if it is. In the same way, if you pass a law, people may or may not actually die, but you should treat that law as if they will.

      As far as I’m concerned, the best thing the government can do for us is leave us alone!

      • LibertarianRN,

        Oh, I agree with your thought process. What I’m trying to avoid is the tendency that everything will always happen.
        As much as I believe that the sun is going to rise tomorrow; there is a chance it won’t. And with the government; heck they could pass a couple thousand laws and never get around to enforcing them……Oh…wait, they’ve done that !

        Bob S.

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