Elder abuse?

What unethical doctor inflicted a pacemaker on this poor 95 year old man? He has severe dementia, is bedbound, incontinent, and the only word he has left is “No.” “No No No NO NO NONO!” I felt awful every time we had to do anything with him. And yet, his family and a complicit doctor acted to prolong his suffering. Prolonging life is not always a good thing. If someone did that to me, I’d come back to haunt them whenever I finally managed to die. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’d still find a way to do it!


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One response to “Elder abuse?

  1. Blame the doctor or the family that authorized the procedure? Or Congress which has enacted such laws that people are afraid to let nature take its course.

    And while it sounds like blaming the victim; it is a great example of why everyone needs a medical directive, living will, and medical power of attorney completed and on file.
    And a discussion with the family on what measures should or should not be taken to prolong life.

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