Back to war in Iraq

Let me start out by saying ISIS sucks. They are brutal, sadistic, and flat out evil. They have done terrible things to minorities, to children, and to anyone who disagrees with them. That said, we need to stay out of Iraq. We have a long history of meddling in the Middle East, and never for their betterment. We invaded Iraq in 2003 because Saddam was horrible, but I don’t think anyone could seriously claim Iraq is better off now. Now we’ve armed the rebels in Syria to overthrow Assad, because he’s evil.

Of course, those rebels we armed – are ISIS. Now people are saying we should fight for the Shia again to help overthrow evil ISIS. Well, I’ve heard this before, and I’m not buying it. The Middle East has been a sectarian, violent, atrocity-ridden hellhole for millennia. Read the Old Testament, and it’s the same thing as is going on now. One group or another has been invading, slaughtering, raping, and brutalizing another group in the region for as long as there has been history. The only way we’re going to bring peace to the region is by killing everyone there. I have no stomach for genocide. So maybe we should try a new approach. Leave them alone. Let them kill each other, massacre each other. Not because it is good, but because it isn’t our war to fight.

It will be horrible, but we can’t fix that by adding our own soldiers and bombs to the mix. Hopefully at some point the majority in each sect will get sick of the neverending fight, and start putting down their own rabid dogs. If we would stop getting so caught up in their fight, we could have a normalized relationship with Iran – imagine what that would do for oil prices! And we wouldn’t be pouring billions of dollars into backing one regime or another, when the “freedom fighters” we’re backing in Syria are the “terrorists” we want to fight in Iraq.


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