Chart Check: I do not think that word means what you think it means

“Patient has benign personality disorder.” What, they’re excessively pleasant? Oh, wait, that should read BORDERLINE personality disorder. You know that one person you dated who was super clingy, then you had one fight and the next thing you know your stuff is on fire in your front yard? Yeah, that would be borderline personality disorder. Barely saw my other patients, because any time I went in there, the patient had something she needed, which I’d go get. Then another thing. Then another! But of course, she couldn’t tell me everything at once, so I could just make one trip. Oh, and you want to take a shower at midnight? Sure, why not? Any disagreement or saying the patient couldn’t have something led to either tears or yelling.

Patients who moan drive me insane too. Moan, Moan, “How bad is your pain?” “A two.” moan, moan.

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