Rand Paul: Libertarians should vote Republican

Rand seems to think we’re dumb. I don’t seem to remember a big push from the Republican party for personal liberty in the past several years. Let’s see how the Republicans have done lately:

1) Close the borders – i.e., expand the police state.
2) Opposed the legalization of marijuana, including for medical use
3) Supported federal and state bans on same sex marriages and unions
4) Always fight to expand the military industrial complex and overseas adventurism
5) Supported NSA wiretapping and government spying in all forms
6) Continue to castigate Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and other whistleblowers as traitors
7) Perpetually preach the need for us to be slavishly devoted to the USA and its government
8) Have blocked efforts to close Guantanamo
9) Continue to defend those who committed and authorized torture

Oh, and the last time we had a Republican in charge, he bailed out the banks and auto manufacturers at a massive cost to the rest of the country. They have not reduced taxes, have not reduced spending, have not reduced inflation, and have not reduced government intrusion in our lives. They are just as anti-freedom as the Democrats.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me – can’t get fooled again.”

Personally, I’ll be sitting this election out. The thought of supporting either party makes me want to vomit.

H/T to SayUncle


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