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I Pledge Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Pretty much anyone in America can recite these words. It is an expected start to the school day for many in public school. People get all worked up about the words “Under God,” but I see a much larger problem. The entire concept of a public loyalty oath to the State seems so profoundly contrary to the values of liberty and freedom that we should be denouncing the Pledge from beginning to end. Instead of focusing on getting “Under God” out of the pledge, let’s scrap the whole thing as a bizarre element of fascism in a purportedly freedom-loving country.


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The View on Nursing

The daytime talk show “The View” recently got itself in some hot water with nurses. Miss Colorado, at the Miss America Pageant, came out in scrubs and with a stethoscope around her neck, and gave a monologue about her career in nursing and caring for patients with Alzheimer’s. The talking heads on The View shared a snicker at her “Nurse’s uniform” and “Doctor’s stethoscope”.

Nurses receive disrespect and abuse every day –  frequently from patients and their families. On most days, there are at least a couple verbally abusive patients on the floor. Sometimes they are confused or demented, sometimes they are just assholes. Either way, it gets really old. So now, The View is catching a lot of backlash. Nurses put up with a lot of insults and abuse at work. We don’t need to put up with it from The View.

What most amazes me about this is that anyone noticed. I figured people who watch The View lack the intelligence to work something as complicated as a computer. The whole point of the show is for them to make catty, ill-informed comments about whatever shallow event catches their interest, and this seems like par for the course. I care about their opinion on nursing as much as I care what the monkeys at the zoo think of the Iran Deal.

Now, the show has apparently lost quite a few advertisers. The View made a rather insincere apology, complete with a “Can’t you take a joke?” barb. I rather doubt it placated many nurses! Moral of the story is, be polite to nurses. We put up with a lot, but once you cross the line, you aren’t going to have a nice time of things.

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Look, a post!

Hello loyal readers (ok, all one of you).

No real excuse for not posting, just haven’t had anything inspire me. I believe my last post was around ten months ago, and said something about being better about posting regularly. Probably not going to happen! I do want to post a few gear reviews though, so there may be some new content coming up. Or I’ll get busy and forget about the blog again – who knows?

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