Gun Control

I oppose all expansion of gun control laws. The reasons are numerous. In the end, it comes down to this: every individual has a right to life and liberty – all further rights derive from this principle. Since I have a right to life and liberty, I also have a right to defend those rights from those who seek to take them from me. The most effective tool for self defense is a firearm. For this reason, I choose to be armed.

Plenty of people choose not to exercise this right, and everyone needs to weigh for themselves their risk of harm from negligent or careless use of said firearm. But they do NOT have the right to make that decision for me, or for the rest of humanity. The minute someone says, “Some classes of people can have guns, but other’s can’t,” they have said some people are more deserving of protection than others. I categorically reject this. All people have the same rights. So when someone says the police can be armed, or politicians should be protected by a security force, but the common person cannot, it is a return to feudalism. I can only do as our lord rules, because if I so much as pick up a rock to resist an assault, my life is forfeit.

So no thanks, I’ll keep my guns. The scale of power is already weighted far too strongly toward the political class.


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  1. Tom Miller

    You are opposed to gun control and state your reasons, fine. If you withhold your vote for the Republican candidtate and HRC becomes POTUS, knowing that she will turn the SCOTUS liberal and do whatever is necessary to water down the 2nd Amendment, then the only thing you shot is yourself, in the foot.

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