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We’ve had several veterans brought in to the ER lately with suicidal or homicidal ideation. These men are largely in their 30’s, and are haunted by the wars in which they have fought. I’ve watched a man sob after a severe flashback. I’ve listened to stories of bodies torn apart by machine guns. I’ve seen scars caused by a 12 year old with a bayonet, who the man then shot in the face. I’ve seen the clean, straight cut marks on the abdomen that the man inflicted on himself years later.

What did these men sacrifice their bodies and minds for? Does anyone truly believe that the Middle East is any better off now than it was before we ‘liberated’ Iraq and Afghanistan? Instead, terrorism and extremism are stronger than ever. These men were sacrificed for nothing. If our politicians want a war, let them spend their own blood and money fighting it.


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