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I’m not THAT gullible

I’ve been an RN for a while now. I know what pee looks like. I know what vomit looks like. I also know what water looks like. If you hand me a urine sample¬†cup full of tap water, can you at least make it WARM tap water? Some for vomit. No, I do not believe you just vomited up an emesis bag full of cold water. Is that ice floating in there?! The fake retching for the last two hours hasn’t persuaded me either.


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Not Feeling the Bern

I have quite a few friends who are advocating for Bernie Sanders. I can’t stand the man, for so many reasons.

He is pro-war. He has no problem with military intervention, anywhere in the world. He doesn’t want American boots on the ground. He just thinks we should fund more rebel groups in the area (that never backfires), continue dropping bombs, build the F-35 (he’s a significant backer), continue using drones to murder whoever the government says needs murdering, and continue economic aggression against other countries.

He wants to increase labor costs, increase investment costs, limit foreign investment, increase regulatory costs, increase the national debt, increase energy costs, limit development overseas increasing production costs, limit imports, and continue inflationary policies. The economy is going to do great!

He supports the war on drugs. He states he supports “decriminalization” for drug use. This is code for arresting people and incarcerating them in involuntary treatment programs. Either way, he’s still asserting the state has the right to violently abduct people for what they choose to do to their own bodies.

He is opposed to an individual right to self defense, and supports widespread confiscation of civilian arms. For someone who claims to be “for the People”, he sure seems to like concentrating power in the hands of the few.

He is all around opposed to individual liberty, and seems to view people as no more than components of their race, gender, or the Almighty State.

Of course, he’s still better than Clinton.


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A friendly reminder from your local ER nurse

If it isn’t enough of an emergency to come in during the Superbowl, it isn’t enough of an emergency to come in AFTER the Superbowl either. Priorities, people!

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Not a peds nurse

Is there anything worse than the high pitched shriek of a two year old? Damn, do I hate that sound. It doesn’t make me want to help the kid, I just want to make the sound stop! Yes, I know the kid has a quarter stuck in his esophagus¬†(Do they have to try and eat everything they find?!), but that sound makes me want to rip my ears off. Can I just give the kid some Versed already?

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