Not Feeling the Bern

I have quite a few friends who are advocating for Bernie Sanders. I can’t stand the man, for so many reasons.

He is pro-war. He has no problem with military intervention, anywhere in the world. He doesn’t want American boots on the ground. He just thinks we should fund more rebel groups in the area (that never backfires), continue dropping bombs, build the F-35 (he’s a significant backer), continue using drones to murder whoever the government says needs murdering, and continue economic aggression against other countries.

He wants to increase labor costs, increase investment costs, limit foreign investment, increase regulatory costs, increase the national debt, increase energy costs, limit development overseas increasing production costs, limit imports, and continue inflationary policies. The economy is going to do great!

He supports the war on drugs. He states he supports “decriminalization” for drug use. This is code for arresting people and incarcerating them in involuntary treatment programs. Either way, he’s still asserting the state has the right to violently abduct people for what they choose to do to their own bodies.

He is opposed to an individual right to self defense, and supports widespread confiscation of civilian arms. For someone who claims to be “for the People”, he sure seems to like concentrating power in the hands of the few.

He is all around opposed to individual liberty, and seems to view people as no more than components of their race, gender, or the Almighty State.

Of course, he’s still better than Clinton.



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4 responses to “Not Feeling the Bern

  1. At first I thought this was a parody piece, since it’s so far from reality, but after reading your “About” page, I guess that’s not your intent. These opinions must have emerged miraculously from your backside, as most of the policy positions have no real relationship to Sanders’ stated ones on his web site, in his speeches, or in his voting record. Anyway, you are entitled to like whoever you like for any, or even for no reason. There are plenty of other low-information voters.

    • Hey Mikey, his website and speeches are propaganda pieces, so he tends to frame things as positively toward himself as possible. His voting record is mixed.

      He says he opposes war – except as a last resort. Well, the USA hasn’t declared war in decades so that means nothing. He supports drone strikes ( It is true that he voted against the National Defense Authorization Act in 2012, 2013, and 2015. He was fine with it in 2014 though, and continually states he believes in a “strong military”, so his supporters should stop pretending he’s going to free up a ton of money from the Pentagon. He has also voted in support of the F 35, and votes count quite a bit more than rhetoric.

      Jobs – He proposes a $15 minimum wage. That is a significant expense for many businesses. He proposes an increased payroll tax – cost to businesses. He proposes a tax on “wall street speculation”, which is actually tax on the majority of investment. This reduces the ability of businesses to bring in investors. He opposes trade deals (, since they allow businesses to hire cheaper workers outside the USA – so he wants to limit foreign development, leading to increased production costs. He opposes a balanced budget, so the government needs to continue producing more money to fund government expenditures – an inherently inflationary policy.

      Drug war – He is better than the average politician on this. He talks about “ending the war on drugs”, and “treatment programs”. He says he thinks marijuana should be addressed at the state level, and that people should get more access to treatment for drug addiction. Have you ever heard him use the word “legalization” in reference to anything other than marijuana? He doesn’t say, “End the DEA”, so I expect him to maintain the status quo on drugs in general.

      His rhetoric is increasingly anti-gun rights. He supports bans on semi-auto weapons, and supports magazine restrictions. See: widespread confiscation of civilian arms. These are the most effective defensive tools available, and he opposes their ownership by the average citizen. I’m sure his Secret Service detail will be armed only with shotguns and bolt-action rifles – after all, “no one needs an AK-47.”

      I will point out that I also can’t stand Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, Bush, or Obama, and that they are all worse on these issues than Sanders – but “not quite as evil as the other guys” isn’t going to get any support from me.

      • “Lesser of two weasels” decisions don’t bother me. Half the 11 Presidents I’ve voted on have been that kind of choice. It’s like expecting to find “the perfect church”. You either compromise, or opt-out.

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