What does it mean to be a Libertarian? To me, a Libertarian is one who believes in self-ownership. A person owns their body and their mind, and is free to use their body and mind as they desire. As an extension of this self-ownership, a person owns the things they have made, and the things they acquire without infringing on another’s ownership.

I also identify as a voluntarist (or voluntaryist, but that spelling looks strange). This is the philosophy that all human interaction should be on a voluntary basis, and free of violence or the threat of violence. The only valid use of violence is to defend against aggression from another – either in self defense, or on behalf of another person.

In the modern two-party system, I have no particular preference between one party or the other. Both believe in the use of force on the part of government to control the people of this country and people around the world. The Republicans and Democrats disagree occasionally on which countries to bomb and what parts of people’s lives they want to control, but they both believe in the use of force to dictate how others should live their lives.

I work as an RN in a mid-size emergency department. We don’t see much trauma, but we see a lot of everything else. While I do post patient stories, these stories may be composites of multiple encounters and will not contain any patient-specific medical information.


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  1. Robert H. Morris

    As a photographer, I have gone on five different medical mission trips to Ukraine (three times), Kenya and South Africa…with a total of three doctors and nine nurses. I have come to the conclusion that a book should be written entitled “All Nurses Go To Heaven”.
    My new love in life is public speaking with some of my photos (some of which my wife refuses to look at) which results in NO ONE ever falls asleep even when I speak for an hour. Rather fun…
    I used to be a certified instructor for the NRA and agree wholeheartedly about your opinion of firearms.

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