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I’m not THAT gullible

I’ve been an RN for a while now. I know what pee looks like. I know what vomit looks like. I also know what water looks like. If you hand me a urine sample┬ácup full of tap water, can you at least make it WARM tap water? Some for vomit. No, I do not believe you just vomited up an emesis bag full of cold water. Is that ice floating in there?! The fake retching for the last two hours hasn’t persuaded me either.


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A friendly reminder from your local ER nurse

  1. The gun is always loaded
  2. Only point the gun at something you are willing to destroy
  3. Know your target and what is behind it
  4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire

By following these simple rules, you can avoid visiting me in the ER at four in the morning after shooting yourself in your off hand. Additional solid advice: Don’t clean your handgun at four in the morning after being awake all night studying for a final and drinking.

If you neglect this advice, be sure, the nurses and police officers are laughing at you out at the nurses station.

The inspiration for this post was fortunate enough to avoid tendon, bone, and nerve damage, and should regain full use of his hand.

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